Derivative Projects

The HOPE Study Guide is an excellent resource for Bible study. There are 12 sections in the study guide that correspond to the 12 chapters of The HOPE movie. The Study Guide is broken down further into 65 lessons and identifies the 36 major biblical events that are presented in the film. In each lesson you’ll find helpful scripture references, application and commentary.

The HOPE Study Guide is viewable along with The HOPE movie online at Currently there are 8 language versions of the Study Guide that have been completed and posted.

The growing demand for the English language worldwide has created an incredible opportunity to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to an ever widening number of students. In much the same way as Koine Greek, the common language in the first century, facilitated the rapid spread of the Gospel message, English has become an international bridge language for our day.

The HOPE ESL DVD-Rom takes a primarily aural (listening/speaking) approach to learning English using beautiful images, audio, video, and flash driven content, based on The HOPE film. This tool is appropriate for intermediate/advanced students working on their own, in pairs, or in groups. English teachers might also use this resource as part of their instruction in the class room.

To facilitate the spreading of this tool and its message it may be copied and distributed without charge. It may not be copied for Resale.

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Mars Hill is blessed to be a contributing partner with the Digital Bible Society (DBS) in their creation of the Treasures Libraries. The DBS is producing a series of CDs that provide a virtual library of Bible study materials and media, each in a specific language.

For example, the Chinese Treasures 2012 DVD includes the following:

  •  5 different Chinese Bibles
  • NT Audio Bible
  • Over a dozen Commentaries
  • Over 200 books in Chinese that range from biblical commentaries to discipleship; leadership and pastoral training, to devotionals and prayer. (in both simplified and traditional Chinese)
  • A worship library of 1000 hymns
  • About 1000 high resolution images of biblical scenes
  • The Mandarin HOPE

(Within mainland China, this CD may be freely copied and distributed, not sold.) 

The HOPE is currently available in nine of the Treasures series, each with materials such as listed above in the Chinese Treasures. Below is a current listing of the Treasures Libraries available that include The HOPE. Click on this link, Treasures Libraries, to find the language you need and to order directly from The Digital Bible Society.

Chinese Treasures
Arabic Treasures
Burmese Treasures
Hindi Treasures
Russian Treasures
Spanish Treasures
Telugu Treasures
Urdu Treasures
Vietnamese Treasures

If you are inspired to use The HOPE in a creative manner to further the ministry and you need our input or assistance, please email us at Also, we love hearing how you have already been using The HOPE!

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