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The Lao HOPE - Used by God, Even in Death!

  • Posted: 2019-08-15

Some HOPE versions have been pulled off by a lone missionary. Others, like the Lao HOPE, involve many partners over much time. In 2016, missionaries, Tom and Gayle Silkwood, began The HOPE in Lao, the primary language of Laos. They intended to use it in their ministry and as a bridge for creating several tribal versions for smaller pockets of people within the country. But then Tom passed away suddenly. And though Gayle felt committed to their vision, God sent our partners at School to the Nations to help complete the project.

In the Spring of 2019, Christian leaders from across Laos were invited to a premiere screening at a Church. When it became apparent that local authorities intended to raid the event thereby harassing and possibly arresting attendees, the premiere was called off. But God had another plan.

Through the ministry of that Church, a homeless man had recently come to faith in Christ. He prayed that God would use him, not knowing that he would pass away within days of the previously scheduled premiere. Leaders in the Church recognized that God had provided the perfect cover for a large gathering that would not be questioned by the authorities...a funeral. The premiere was quickly rescheduled. A memorial service was held on the first floor and the premiere was held on the second floor. In the man’s death, his prayer to be used of God was answered.

The Lao HOPE did not come easy. But, when images from the movie illuminated the screen, the Laotians were filled with joy seeing their own people in a glorious presentation of God’s redemptive story.

Both The Lao HOPE movie and the 167-page, in-depth Study Guide were completed and released. These new resources for the more than 7 million Lao speakers in Laos and SE Asia are available on, and in the Mars Hill store for download. A Facebook page has also been set up: for social media ministry. Share this with missionaries you know in that part of the world.

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God Talk in the Mall Links Directly to The HOPE

  • Posted: 2019-08-08

Mike Goggins and a group from his church in California like to create opportunities to share the Gospel by renting kiosks in local malls on certain weekends and engaging people that walk by with a survey regarding their thoughts about spirituality and God. In the past, they have given out DVDs of The HOPE as well as other literature to anyone who was interested in learning more about what the Bible has to say.  

As the desire for DVDs has waned, they got creative and made business cards with QR Codes that people can scan with their smartphones to lead them right to the English or the Spanish page of so that people can stream the video, free, anytime they want. The flip side of the card has info on their church with an invitation to visit or contact them with questions. Scan the QR Code below to see The HOPE!



Charlene and Rich are leaders in this outreach and here is the report they sent to the team: 


In the middle of this "crazy" world we live in, God moves in a mighty way. We just finished one of the most fruitful outreaches we have ever experienced in nearly 14 years. The Holy Spirit truly went before us and opened the hearts of shoppers these past 4 weeks. Together, we had the privilege to witness 126 shoppers pray to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior! There were over 3,500 conversations about Jesus, and His loving plan for eternity. We handed out more than 8,000 pieces of Christian literature. Please be in prayer for all of these planted seeds. 

May God bless you ABUNDANTLY, Charlene & Rich 


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HOPE from the Heavens

  • Posted: 2019-05-08

HOPE from the Heavens satellite Multiple times a year The HOPE is broadcast throughout the Middle East in Arabic, Farsi, and   Turkish. Each of these broadcasts goes out to tens of millions of households. Our broadcast   partners have secure methods to respond to viewers who have spiritual questions and prayer   requests. Sometimes these satellite programs and responders are the only contact that isolated   believers have with other Christians.

 Time and again our partners get messages from viewers like this one from a man in Iraq:

 "Hi everyone, I'm thirty years old and I've been watching your programs for three months. I've gotten very familiar with Jesus now and feel so happy. I have so much hope for the future! I'm sensing that my Lord Jesus Christ will transform all of my problems and struggles in life to hope and joy. If only I knew Jesus would give me so much joy and hope, I would have gotten to know Him a lot sooner." 

 And, this message from a woman in Iran:

 "It's truly a miracle that I met Christ. I cried to God that we had no resources and we had been kept from the truth. Even after 2,000 years, we are not allowed to choose to follow Jesus. We have to worship Him secretly....praise the Lord a thousand times for this valuable broadcast."

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HOPE in the Hospital

  • Posted: 2019-05-08

 Medical and dental missionaries in Cameroon Africa obtained DVDs of The HOPE, both in French and in English with African Storytellers, to show in the hospital's waiting room. The doctors told us that one of their greatest joys is to talk with the patients about what they saw in The HOPE. They also acquired the rights to distribute low-resolution download copies that are suitable for viewing on smartphones. They give these copies to people who are interested in watching the movie again and also to people while making house calls. 

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The First Believers in Their Village

  • Posted: 2019-03-26

April of 2018, in a remote Bankariya village in Nepal, one of our ministry partners showed The Nepali HOPE on a solar-powered movie projector. The Bankariya are an unreached people group of about 500 people. Their heart language is Awadhi, but they speak Nepali as a second language. They live in scattered small villages in the Chure mountain range of Nepal. 

Excited to see the movie, Lalita invited her father to join her. After viewing The HOPE, they both gave their lives to Jesus!

Our partner told us that Lalita and her father are the very first Believers in their village. It is possible that they are among the very first Believers of all Bankariya peoples!

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