• Posted: 2014-04-16

The photo above shows the Mars Hill conference room where for more than 15 years our staff has met regularly with each other, and with God, for prayer and Bible study. It is in a sense a birthing room, a place where vision for ministry is born. This is the place where The HOPE first took shape.

This image also appears at the top of our new blog site, www.devosfromthehill.org, where we publish our weekly staff devotionals. Years ago, it would have been impossible for someone not present to experience what goes on in this room. But now, you can be a part of it every week. We would be so blessed to have you join us!

If used properly, social media can be a powerful tool to build community by facilitating immediate and relevant communication and conversation. For example, the Mars Hill staff is constantly being blessed by news of the amazing things God is doing with The HOPE around the world. But it takes a lot of time to organize, compose and send out email or snail mail updates that capture this activity in a way that will bless you. Consequently, it may not happen and then you miss the blessing of hearing what God is doing. With social media on the other hand, a story can be posted on Facebook or a quick bit of news or praise can be posted on Twitter with little effort. That means you can get news while it is still news. You can experience a bit of what we experience when God does something or shows us something that amazes us.

Our goal with social media is that God will be magnified and you will be encouraged. If you’d like to be a part of The HOPE community (and the action) then please connect with us! If you have a question, email us at hopeinfo@mars-hill.org.

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