• Posted: 2017-04-24

As the president of Mars Hill, I am often asked, “How do you decide which language(s) will be next for a translation of The HOPE video?” Knowing there are over 6,500 living languages in the world, and that every tongue, tribe, and nation must be reached with the Gospel (Rev.5:9, 7:9), we believe that God should determine the next language. We’ve done our best to serve this conviction by setting up and promoting a partnering process to allow for as many translation opportunities as possible. In other words, we raise the flag for The HOPE in the missions community worldwide, and we partner with whoever gathers around the flagpole.

That said, I am thrilled to say, in cooperation with our partners at One for Israel, the Hebrew version of The HOPE is finished! Check out their ministry at oneforisrael.org.  Based on what I know from scripture, what I am observing in the world today, and what I sense in my heart, I believe this project is truly strategic in the context of the Great Commission. You can view it here: http://www.thehopeproject.com/heb

– Until All Have Heard, Fred Carpenter