• Posted: 2017-11-30

In a day of mobile media and internet ministry, partners are finding creative ways to use HOPE content on the social media mission field. During this year's Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Adha or "Sacrifice Feast", a team operating in a highly persecuted country shared short clips of The HOPE via Facebook Video. Each clip was posted with a leading question to spark conversation. Several clips had millions of views, with thousands of viewers posting comments. The team responded to the comments, and a phenomenal online dialogue between Christians and Muslims was underway! As you can imagine many scenes of The HOPE like, Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, became hot topics of debate. But some seekers showed a sincere interest to know more about the God of the Bible. When possible, the team personally sought these people out, often at great risk.

This team's example is the model of how The HOPE can be used for cross-cultural evangelism via social-media platforms. We are currently working to make this model available to more partners. If you would be interested in using The HOPE in similar ways via social media, contact us at partneringdirector@mars-hill.org.