• Posted: 2017-11-30

Hill Country Bible Church (Austin, Texas) recently completed another year of ESL (English as a Second Language) outreach using The HOPE. In addition to her own ESL curriculum, the director of the Conversational English Outreach at HCBC put together a basic Bible study using The HOPE script and observational questions from the movie. The steady pace and simple story-telling style of the movie make it a natural for oral learners. The program has had students from S. Korea, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Vietnam just to name a few. Many times their students come from Buddhist or atheistic backgrounds and The HOPE is their first introduction to the Bible. The resulting conversations are theologically rich as students lay hold of English through the story of the Bible. HCBC's HOPE Bible Study Guide for ESL students will be available soon on our HOPE Store. For more questions about using The HOPE in ESL contact us at hopeinfo@mars-hill.org