• Posted: 2014-04-15

In 1900 over 80% of all Christians lived in Europe and North America. By 2005 this number had fallen to under 40%, and will likely fall below 30% before 2050. With the marked decline of Christianity in the Northern Hemisphere, there is a meteoric rise in the Southern. The southern fields are ripe for harvest, and through The HOPE, we are blessed to have a part. In support of a week long Christian outreach in his nation, Honduran President Lobo Sosa signed a bill making July 20, 2013 a national holiday so that his people could take off work to attend evangelistic events held in 18 stadiums across the country. The day before, 2,000 pastors, Christian workers and government leaders gathered in the heart of the Honduran capital to mobilize. Each of them received a copy of The HOPE in Spanish. As ministry born from that gathering unfolds throughout the years, these copies have the potential of being seen by 8 million people!