Tibetan-Amdo Southern
Tibet, China
The HOPE Version/Type: 
Full Length-Original/Off Screen Storytellers
Adaptation ID: 
Total Runtime: 
118 Minutes
Technical Specs: 
PAL, 4:3 aspect ratio, Stereo sound, Color

No on-screen storytellers. The Tibetan version of The HOPE is the most culturally adapted version to date. Interwoven into the original HOPE footage is a second method of storytelling, specific to the Tibetan culture. This additional dramatic footage incorporates the use of storyboards called “thangkas,” as well as native scenes and music.


*DVD includes Central, Kham, Amdo and Mandarin Tibetan audio tracks on a dual layer DVD disc. Mandarin Chinese, English and Nepali Subtitles are available.


Other Versions Available: